RainTunes Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe RainTunes: The shower experience for all senses

RainTunes Hansgrohe

Water is our constant companion. We come into contact with it several times a day. Because of this it was important to Hansgrohe to make this contact a special experience. “We conceptualize water in the bathroom in completely new dimensions with a focus on the individual and their multisensory experience. We would like to transform the bathroom into a tailored, highly personal oasis of well-being,” explains Marc André Palm, Head of Global Brand Marketing at Hansgrohe.

RainTunes Hansgrohe

The RainTunes digital shower system links water, light, sound, and fragrance to create a holistic water experience for all the senses.

RainTunes Hansgrohe RainPad

RainTunes is easy to control with the pad...

RainTunes Hansgrohe Rain Buttons

... or with the buttons, which can be posi­tioned any­where.

Innovation meets Emotion

The RainTunes digital shower system links water, light, sound, and fragrance to create a holistic water experience for all the senses. The focus here is totally on the individual and their personal moods and needs. In close collaboration with experts from a whole range of professions, hansgrohe has created digitally controlled shower scenarios that are geared towards the user’s individual everyday life.

RainTunes will initially offer seven multisensory shower scenarios, which adapt to the user’s personal daily mood, offering just the right shower experience. It was developed with the support of many experts, including dermatologists, sports physicians, physical therapists, and aromatherapy specialists. The scenarios currently available are “Good Morning,” “Revitalization,” “Vitality,” “Relaxation,” “Beauty,” “Nature,” and “Good Night.”

The specially developed app connects with the Hansgrohe shower products via the home Wi-Fi network. Lighting and sound can also be controlled via Wi-Fi-connected systems already used in the smart home. Hansgrohe provides the appropriate fragrance for the shower scenario with its new range of RainScent fragrance tabs. The shower scenario selected is transmitted to the shower with a tap on the app and then activated there via the play button.

Smart shower technology

RainTunes is controlled using a buttons or a pad. The control buttons can be positioned anywhere and allow you to adjust spray modes, water flow, and temperature. Bluetooth technology has enabled a whole new method of controlling the shower: separating the permanently installed faucet and its controls. That is because the control buttons are connected via Bluetooth with a central unit behind the wall and therefore separated from the faucet.

The digital pad control panel operates the shower via a permanently installed, central control panel. Like the control buttons, it receives the various shower scenarios via the app and activates them when the Play symbol is pressed on the touch screen. You also have the option, of course, to customize the daily shower ritual using the pad. Temperature, water flow, musical accompaniment, and spray mode can be changed at any time.