Collection Montreux from Axor: Time travel to the early 20th century - now also in the kitchen


Drawing from an era of increasing prosperity and dynamic modernization, Axor and the Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design have created in 2006 collection in the style of the first industrially manufactured fittings. With forms and defining design features of the early 20th century, Montreux is an iconic collection that stylistically reflects on a time of scientific and cultural change. Now the collection has been extended by new fittings, including elements for the kitchen and a showerpipe. 

Reminiscent of the archetypical design of the first industrially manufactured bath and kitchen fixtures, AXOR Montreux is characterized by additive forms and charming stylistic detailing. Industrial design elements, such as pipes and valves, were not only combined with classical details (e.g. delicate cross handles and ceramic inlays), but also with contemporary lever handles. A unique reminiscence of this time also includes a bridge variant of the three-hole washbasin mixer. With cross handles and authentically labeled ceramic inlays it is a reminder of the first industrially manufactured fittings. 


The new fittings combine classical design and state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing processes. That includes, for example, the surfaces of the collection: they are available in chrome and nickel. Nickel is applied using the highly intricate PVD (physical vapor deposition) technology, by which a coating is applied in a vacuum using steam. This leaves the fixtures extremely scratch and abrasion resistant. And users also do not have to do without modern comfort. The kitchen taps allow for maximum operability around the sink with swivel and pull-out spouts. In the bathroom, taps with lower and higher spouts accommodate different comfort zones. Ease-of-use is also evident in the Showerpipe: operating elements for overhead and hand shower are separated with ergonomic lever handles. 


Further information about the collection you will find here.