Burgbad’s rc 40: Mirror cabinets in a new lighting dimension


Producing mirrors and mirror cabinets for the bathroom isn’t just about producing storage space. Above all, it’s about producing light. But it’s not only a question of optimising the amount of light in the bathroom; different qualities of light play a major role as well. Now, with the new rc40 mirror cabinet, Burgbad is presenting a lighting concept that brings the various bath¬room lighting functions together in one compact product while simultaneously providing an attractive overall con¬cept for lighting the entire room.  

The new LED technology has been making a big impact on the world of bathroom mirrors for several years now. Besides being more compatible with water and saving electricity, LED lighting can also be integrated into the design of the furniture in a variety of ways and now offers the possibility of different and easily adjustable light qualities as well.  


Burgbad wanted to get to the heart of the matter and partnered with Austrian research institute Bartenbach to develop an innovative new concept for optimising ambient lighting in the bathroom. The studies focused on the people who use the bathroom: what requirements do they have of the individual usage situations over the course of the day? And which light sources can be assigned to the individual lighting tasks? 


The collaboration between Burgbad and Bartenbach has resulted in the development of innovative new mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors for ambient lighting that can be optimised to suit individual needs. 


The lighting concept was adapted for the mirrors of the rc40 system. Depending on the user’s mood or the time of day, the new LED mirror cabinets can create various pre-programmed lighting moods that are effortlessly selected via touchless sensor technology. As a result, the light can be conveniently adapted to the user’s mood and situation at any time. 


With the new rc40 mirror cabinet, Burgbad is offering planning professionals and consumers a product that can be used to implement the entire lighting design for the whole room. An integrated LED uplighter provides the optimal light for all the relevant functions. The effect of this general lighting is, according to the manufacturer, very similar to that of natural light from the sky: bright, soft and glare-free. As a result, no other light sources are required in an average-sized bathroom. As part of the individually programmable general lighting, the indirect ambient light can be activated using the bathroom light switch as well. 


The user can choose between four different lighting moods. Besides being geared towards daily bathroom routines, they are also designed to enhance wellbeing. The new rc40 mirror cabinet thus responds to consumers’ growing need to define the bathroom not just as a purely functional part of the home but as a personalised space that they enjoy spending time in as well.  


The four directly selectable lighting moods are intended for activation (task lighting with a high blue content that looks like daylight), grooming (light that picks out details and renders the complexion in its natural colour) or relaxation (warm-white light with a higher yellow content that resembles candlelight). In the general setting, the individually preferred lighting mood can be programmed and conveniently activated via the mirror or a light switch in the bathroom.  


There is also a setting for circadian lighting, which can be activated in addition to the general and grooming modes. The brightness and colour of the light adapt to the natural day/night rhythm automatically. 


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