String: a highly versatile shelf also for the bathroom


String System is a complex shelving solution offering an almost infinite variety of combinations to meet individual needs. In addition to side panels and shelves available in different measurements, String System offers drawer units, sliding doors, glass cabinets, worktops and magazine trays that can be integrated into the system. The String System, which can always be rebuilt, reinvented and transformed, is not only suited for the working place or the living room, but also for the bathroom. 

In the String Plex design, the wire frame has been replaced with transparent plexiglass, lending the shelf a lightweight, floating character. The transparent side panels contrast with the solid shelves, giving them a floating appearance and creating a unique impression when looking at the shelf from the sides: through the plexiglass, the objects in the shelf display soft outlines.  


Alongside oak, walnut, grey and white, the String System is now also available in natural ash and black stained ash. With the black stained version the typical structures and properties of the wood remain visible.  


The String shelf was designed by Nils Strinning in 1949 and is regarded as a classic of Scandinavian design. The minimalistic design concept calls for ladder-like side panels to support the shelves. String is designed such that it can be assembled according to individual wishes and is thus suitable for every kind of space.