Before the alterations the bathroom looked dark and unwelcoming. The walls were covered with grey tiles, the shower squeezed into a narrow alcove. The bathtub was positioned diagonally across a corner, taking up far more space than necessary. The toilet was next door in a windowless room – likewise grey. 


Equipped with a whole bundle of structural and decorative ideas, interior designer Matthias Freimuth set about turning his client’s dream of a bright, spacious bathroom into reality. “The most important change,” he says, “was a crucial correction to the floor plan. We simply removed the wall between the toilet and bathroom to create a new space with an increased floor area: an impressive 18 square metres.” 


On the short sides of the rectangular room, he installed vanity units with plenty of storage space. The big wall mirrors above them create a sense of spaciousness. The glass shower is positioned in the exact centre of the bathroom and blurs the spatial boundaries. The bathtub makes clever use of the space under the sloping roof with generous storage surfaces at both ends. The toilet and bidet are on the opposite wall. 


So as to brighten the room up, Freimuth largely opted for pale materials and colours that reflect the light that comes through the two roof windows. After just ten weeks of remodelling, the owner was able to run himself a nice hot bath. 


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