Hewi Dementia Washbasin: Orientation through contrast


In Germany around 1.5 million people currently have dementia. This figure increases by around 300 000 patients each year. Apart from symptoms such as forgetfulness or speech disorders, patients also lose their orientation ability. For people with this disease to retain their independence, it is particularly important to provide them with orientation aids in the form of clear structures and an environment that is easy for them to perceive. 


Based on this knowledge, Hewi has developed a washbasin especially for dementia patients. The function is signalled by a permanently attached coloured marking. On the one hand this facilitates the dementia sufferer's perception of the washbasin within the room and on other the other hand it helps them to understand how to use it. This promotes functional independence in the bathroom. The markings are red. Qualitative studies show that the colour read is most easily perceived by dementia sufferers. Red is also the most easily registered colour for people with age-related impaired vision or inoperable eye diseases, for example, macular degeneration. The dementia washbasin is therefore also suitable for people whose vision decreases with age. 


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