Tip 1: The toilet

“What height should the toilet be?” – This question played a fundamental role in bathroom planning until now. Adults and older people in particular find it easier to stand up if the toilet is higher, whereas a lower seat is more suitable for children. Viega's WC element wants to put an end to this discussion, because its height can be individually adjusted. The WC ceramic can be raised or lowered up to eight centimetres at the touch of a button. 


The WC flush plate, which makes contact a thing of the past, is just as convenient as it is a pleasure to clean. With Visign for More sensitive, all you need to do is pass your hand in front of the sensor to trigger the flush volume you require without a contact. 


Tip 2: Bathtub

The market also has products for bathtubs which make life easier for users. The important aspect here is that they are technically sophisticated and easy to use at the same time – take for example the electronically controlled bathtub fittings in Viega’s Multiplex Trio E range. They allow you to customise the temperature and filling height for all types of bathing pleasure and save the values for up to three people so that you can call them up time and time again. Once the required filling level is reached, the water supply is cut off automatically. That means there’s no more need to keep an eye on the bathtub while you’re filling it! 

Tip 3: Shower

The fact that floor-level showers are much more convenient for young and old alike is widely accepted. However, safety also is still very important. Slip resistant surfaces such as those offered by tiles are just as important as a stylish drain to transport the water away safely. Shower channels such as the Advantix Vario from Viega are a popular solution. In addition, it is also extraordinarily narrow and blends elegantly in with the overall design solution. 


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