Hansgrohe: ShowerSelect novelties with high-quality glass surface


A high-quality glass surface, elegant design and intuitive operation – with its new concealed ShowerSelect thermostats Hansgrohe presents a timeless and clear design that blends well with modern architectural trends. The white glass surface not only makes the prefabricated sets compatible with ceramic, tiles and ceiling, they also fit harmoniously into every bathroom environment. That matches with the new ShowerTablet 700, which is also architectonical designed and fitted with a surface of white glass. On the 70 centimetre wide shelf there is plenty of room for shampoo bottles, soap and shaver. Thanks to its combination with a thermostat, there is no need to invest in or install an additional shower shelf. Hansgrohe developed the new ShowerSelect parts together with its longstanding design partner Phoenix Design. 

The ShowerTablet Select 700 is available for the bathtub with a connecting hand shower. 

The select buttons can be installed so that they protrude when they are in the OFF position, making them easier to locate by touch alone.  

The ShowerTablet Select 700 can, for the first time, be used without a visible shower pipe – the connection between the shower control and the overhead shower is concealed behind the wall. The ShowerTablet Select 700 is mounted accurately to the wall and has a level shelf surface made of high-quality glass so it is easy to clean and completely conceals existing connections if used in a bathroom remodelling project. The thermostat’s casing is not connected to the water supply, which means that the shelf temperature is always comfortable to the touch. The rounded edges provide added safety. 


The working parts of the concealed ShowerSelect thermostats are also built into the wall. That creates more space for greater freedom of movement in the shower area. The shower control units offer up to five different functions for an individualized shower experience. Hansgrohe’s Select technology works on the basis of a specially developed shut-off valve. It allows users to comfortably turn the flow of water on and off, activate overhead and hand showers and select the desired spray mode, all by simply pressing a button. All controls have easy-to-read symbols and are conveniently positioned at the front of the unit. The ergonomic and intuitive operation of the shower control units and the easy-to-read symbols are particularly useful for children, the elderly, and the physically impaired. These features also make the ShowerSelect solutions especially suitable for use in disabled-friendly bathrooms and public showers. 


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