Koralle X80 Free:
Elegant architecture solution for the showering area


With an innovative shower partition, Koralle also opens a whole new dimen-sion of design freedom in the bathroom for architects and builders: the X80 Free walk-in shower, presented at the ISH in Frankfurt, offers high-level transparency without hinges and visible profiles. It harmoniously integrates the showering area into the respective room architecture. 

With its purist design the X80 Free is unaffected by short-term design trends or aging. The glazed shower wall also appears light, making the room appear visually larger due to its total transparency. So it can also be integrated easily into living scenarios. 


The highly stable, free-standing shower wall system dispenses with visible fastenings and apparently integrates seamlessly with the wall and floor. To achieve this, the toughened safety glass is anchored in special profiles that are set into the wall and floor. Neither the wall profile or angle, nor the hinges or cross profiles disrupt the view onto the shower partition.  


When using a linear drain at a right angle to the free-standing, 200-cm high shower wall, this is fixed with an innovative spline in the floor and a wedge profile in the wall. A parallel track in the floor is used for a drain parallel to the glazed surface or a point drainage. 


Cleaning the new walk-in model is predictably easy, since no dirt pockets can adhere to the hinges, handles, wall angles and profiles. Cleaning the smooth glazed surfaces is even easier with the optional GlasPlus coating or high-tech ShowerGuard glass, which has an ionically sealed surface that permanently prevents any corrosion of the glass, otherwise making it rough and susceptible to dust pockets and limescale.  


The X80 Free is available in the dimensions 100, 110, 120, 140 and 160 cm and in six different glass finishes and three different glass colours. The manufacturer also offers custom-made products up to a width of 199 cm and height of 223 cm. This enables barrier-free showering areas to be realized that are also fulfil the standard requirements. As a further option Koralle offers the high-tech ShowerGuard glass, which has an ionically sealed surface that is about to prevent corrosion of the glass, which will make it, according to the manufacturer, unsusceptible to dust pockets and limescale. Thus, and because no dirt pockets can adhere to hinges, handles, wall angles and profiles, the X80 Free is easily to clean. 



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