Timeout in paradise, please! Grey autumn days are perfect for the therapeutic experience of a relaxing bath


Miserable, wet and cold? This diagnosis looking out the window suggests that autumn may have taken hold of the weather. But cold and rain are no grounds yet for melancholy. Quite the contrary. Bleak days can be wonderfully relaxing if used to indulge and take time out for a while from the daily routine. A therapeutic soak in a bath works a treat. Sophisticated extras and smart technology help to ensure to make a bath a paradise for all the senses. 

What about listening to relaxing music while having a bath? Combining the bath with a sound system therefore is a consistent advancement in bathroom design. Sound Wave, the first bath audio system by Kaldewei, has a receiver that can play back audio files from a smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. The bath acts as a sound box to create exceptional sounds. Indulging in a relaxing bath listening to music via Sound Wave, the sounds are more than audible – they can be gently felt through the bath water. A whole new experience of wellness for the senses. 


It has been known for centuries that light and colour have a positive effect on body and soul, and when used in conjunction with water they have an even more intense deep relaxation effect. The three Kaldewei lighting systems for baths “spectral light”, “underwater spotlights” and “indirect lighting” from Kaldewei are combining these elements in the bathroom. Light and colour can be operated conveniently on a control panel integrated in the bath. And those who do not want to limit themselves to a particular colour can simply opt for the automatic colour spectrum for various colours and lighting effects. 


As a comfortable foot, arm, or head and neck rest, the flexible cushions are versatile and easy to use. Conveniently held in place with suction cups, the cushions can be attached as desired to the bottom of the bath, the backrest or along the insides. And pure relaxation continues even after the bath. A resting period on the Kaldewei Relax Lounger completes the regenerative stage. The Relax Lounger can simply be placed on the bath and secured at the corners. It is a multitalent in the bathroom: In addition to the whole lounger, the individual elements can serve as support surface or seat – available in the colours of beige, carmine, chocolate and anthracite. 


With functional extras and intelligent technology, Kaldewei offers a diversity of options to customise the bath based on individual requirements and preferences. A relaxing bath, therefore, can easily cure any bad weather blues in the autumn!