(1) The movable installation unit is firmly fastened to the installation frame.  

(2) The installation frame is aligned and mounted on the wall. 

(3) Fastening the glass plate to the installation frame. 

(4) Adding the control elements to the installation unit.  

The choice of colours ranges from clear white to cashmere satin and opens up plenty of room for ideas for a personal bathroom design. But also the fitting, designed by Tesseraux+Partner, offers a great versatility in terms of functionality. With the thermostat the user can control up to three water sources. Head shower, waterfall shower, hand shower or spa hose are about to allow an extraordinary shower experience.  


But there’s more to meTime_spa than meets the eye. In the wall, too, the fitting offers the installer some technical features. The basis is Keuco’s innovative concealed box. The special custom-developed installation unit makes installation of the meTime_spa fitting convenient, reliable and precise. Thanks to the flexible pipes and the moveable installation unit, tolerances which can come into play during installation can be compensated for during the fine installation work for the glass plate. The installation unit is fixed to the frame and the fitting can be perfectly adjusted and mounted vertically, horizontally and depthwise.  


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