Cooperation: KWC and Falper aim to create a Swiss-Italian feel-good ambience for the private spa


An invigorating shower in the morning or a fragrant and relaxing bath after a hard day – showering and bathing refresh both body and soul. But besides the water ritual itself, the setting – i.e. the bathroom interior – can have a positive impact on our mood as well. The interplay between the (shower) fittings, ceramic sanitaryware and furnishings can be used to create a special atmosphere. And that's exactly what the cooperation between Swiss fittings manufacturer KWC and Italian designer label Falper aims to demonstrate.  

In future, both companies want to maximise their synergy potential through cooperation: designers and engineers will work together to develop design directions and bathroom solutions that appeal to architects and consumers alike. 


The combination of the Level 45 furnishing system with the Ono touch light Pro fittings collection, for instance, aims to attract attention by exuding an air of timeless chic. Created by designer Naghi Habib, Level 45 provides variable designability for bathrooms of all sizes. KWC is complementing Falper's furnishing system with harmonising fittings from its Ono touch light Pro series. Thanks to their electronic control system, the fittings can cope with the flexible requirements of a modern bathroom setting and even provide remote-controlled convenience as an optional extra.  


With Shape Evo, the Stuttgart-based designer has taken his successful Shape series one step further. The Falper collection is based on tubular steel frames that are assembled without adhesives and feature water-based finishes. KWC contrasts the lines of the design and its characteristic edges slanted at an angle of 45 degrees with the Ava series, a symbiosis of angular and rounded shapes. The ecological Coolfix technology aims to avoid warm water flowing into the basin unnecessarily and reduce energy consumption. 


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