Koralle: floor-level shower partition in floating design


The Koralle S600 with serially (left), lower (middle) or without flood profile. 

    Generously dimensioned floor-level shower solutions are very popular with builders and renovators. The bathroom does not just appear to have increased in size; there is in fact more area available. This is one of the important prerequisites for fulfilling the standard DIN 18040 for the design of a barrier-free bathroom. With the elegant floor-level shower partition range Koralle S600 showering areas can be adapted and aesthetically designed to fit in with the individual room layout. The outstanding special feature of the shower partition, are its ‘floating’ sliding doors bar any ceiling fastening and a light, transparent and clear purist design. 

    Solid ball-bearing rollers ensure a smooth-running and quiet opening and closing of the shower partition Koralle S600’s sliding doors.  

    The sliding doors of the shower partition Koralle S600 are sitting in a track along the bottom of the fixed element. 

    To facilitate cleaning the element can be folded down easily. 

    With this range, Koralle provides builders with a shower partition, which has all of the advantages of a robust aluminium structure and the transparent look of a frameless shower. It simultaneously creates a basis for an elegant, light purist clear room design. The doors are suspended in stable ball-bearing mounted roller carriages and run on the bottom in a bracket on the fixed element, which opens upon slight pressure for cleaning. With this patented hinged mechanism, the doors can be swivelled inwards so it is effortless to clean, especially in the overlapping areas.  


    The manufacturer offers the option of a GlasPlus upgrade on the toughened safety glass, so that the water beads on the glass surfaces and makes cleaning easier. Another option is the high-tech ShowerGuard shower glass. A coating permanently fixed to the glass ensures effective protection against corrosion and aging. The customer receives a ten-year guarantee for this.  


    The fixed elements, which rest on the floor, are fastened from above at the wall profile so that screws are concealed and dirt pockets are impossible. The grip profile that runs from top to bottom facilitates the opening and closing of the sliding doors from any position 


    The U-combination with two-part sliding door offers particularly generous access and is available in a width of up to 2.000 mm and in a height of 2.000 mm. A water deflector strip, which is supplied as standard offers a high level of protection from splashes. The flood profile that is serially delivered as part of the Koralle S600 shower partition can optionally be replaced by a lower profile or may be omitted completely. These changes can also be made after installation and make this shower partition easily adjustable when usage habits change. 


    Koralle S600 is available as corner, quarter circle, as niche version and as a U-combination for floor spaces of 750 x 750 mm to 1,500 x 1,500 mm and 1,800 x 900 mm in the standard heights of 1,900 and 2,000 mm. A continuous standard adjusting range of 20 mm in the wall profile makes installation easier for the sanitary specialist when installing on slants and varying widths. 


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