Fun technology and convenient living: electronic fittings by KWC


Nowadays smartphones and tablet PCs are pretty much standard for the multimedia world. The era of "smart" devices has begun and is making its mark in many different areas of life. In our homes too, it is hard to imagine life without clever high-tech elements any more. That's hardly surprising in view of the many practical benefits they offer, from automated domestic technology that provides greater energy and cost efficiency all the way to intelligent entertainment systems. But there are smart features for the kitchen and bathroom too, where electronic fittings simplify everyday life and help make our homes more convenient. That's why the portfolio of Swiss manufacturer KWC includes various e-fittings that aim to win customers over with their intelligent technology and intuitive usability.  

Electronic fittings are fun to handle – and far more than just a gimmick for technophiles. In fact, thanks to their innovative technologies, e-fittings like those from KWC are prime examples of ecological awareness because they help promote an economical approach to water and energy: water only comes out of the tap when the user actually makes contact with the tactile sensor. Touch-free fittings also provide benefits – especially in the kitchen, where hygiene plays a crucial role. After kneading dough or handling raw meat, for instance, the cook can wash his or her hands without making the tap lever dirty. And then there's the convenience aspect: what youngsters perceive as a luxury becomes a useful barrier-free solution later on in life, when users may suffer from impaired mobility. 

Remote control for water: Thanks to a wireless operating unit, the designer fitting Ono touch light pro allows usability without permant installation.  

The designer fitting Ono touch light pro uses a clear, puristic aesthetic vocabulary to provide distinctive accents in the bathroom. Thanks to its sophisticated electronics, the fitting permits great flexibility: depending on preferences, the control element can be positioned wherever the user likes – either permanently mounted or totally detached from the fitting itself and equipped with a wireless operating unit. The "tip’n’flow 1-2-3" function means a gentle tap is all that's needed to select the preset temperatures "cold", "warm" or hot", which are also indicated by different colours thanks to integrated LED lighting. Both the temperature and the amount of water can be individually altered with a slight twist of the control unit. 


KWC provides this high level of convenience with models like Ono touchless. When the hand comes within a few centimetres of the tap, the radiation-free DDSA sensor technology automatically starts the water running. The water temperature is preset by the plumber during installation and, with a flow rate of just five litres per minute, the fitting keeps water consumption to a minimum as well.  

With a wave only: The automatic Lidar fitting starts the flow of water without a touch of a hand. Just as long and just as hot or cold as it was desired and set individually. 

The touch-free Lidar fitting brings clear, timeless design to private bathrooms. It is available with and without temperature settings and with a battery or mains adapter. The optimal ergonomics ensure intuitive usability; according to the manufacturer, this and the sophisticated technology ensure exemplary safety and convenience. Lidar is thus ideal for senior households or any location where handicaps make it difficult for users to operate fittings normally.  


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