Keuco equips Cologne's tradition-rich Dom Hotel


Located on the Domplatte (Cathedral Square) in the heart of Cologne, directly opposite the famous Cathedral, the Dom Hotel is steeped in history and tradition. No other hotel in downtown Cologne offers a better view of the city's stately landmark cathedral. The Dom Hotel Cologne is one of the oldest grand hotels in Europe and part of the famous Le Méridien chain, a group of top-quality establishments belonging to Starwood Hotels. 

In order to cater to the demand from its international clientele and increase the hotel's capacity, the neighbouring Blau-Gold-Haus (Blue-Gold House) has been remodelled and renovated as an extension to the Dom Hotel. The building, which was constructed in 1952, takes its name from its historic turquoise-and-gold facade, which was designed in the corporate colours of its owner, the famous Eau de Cologne company 4711 Kölnisch Wasser. Because the building is under a preservation order, the Cologne Historic Building Conservation Office was involved with the planning right from the start. Following alterations that preserved the existing structure, the Blau-Gold-Haus now basks in new splendour. Elements of historic architecture and modern interior design merge into an ensemble with a very special look. Elements of the magnificent facade are for instance reflected in the furnishings – such as the fluting, which is echoed in the interior as a gold-leaf-covered surface. 


The interiors of the suites and rooms exude a subtle elegance. With their exclusive fittings and furnishings, a colour palette composed of natural shades and premium bathrooms featuring black marble, they are the epitome of contemporary luxury. When it came to equipping the bathrooms, the interior designers chose fittings and accessories from Keuco's Edition 300 series, the subtle elegance of which is an ideal fit with the overall concept. The deep gloss finish of the chrome surfaces reflect the light, straight and rounded shapes combine to form a harmonious whole. The angular wall plates of the fittings pick up on the straight lines of the bathroom's design. The matt crystal glass of the Edition 300 glass holder and soap dish underscore the premium feel of the space. Individually selectable lighting effects in orange, yellow, blue or green provide an atmospheric end to the evening or an energised start to the day.  


The interior designers of Hamburg-based team JOI-Design attached great importance to hand-picked materials such as precious woods, sleek leather and fine fabrics. The furnishings were specially made. The many lovingly executed elements, such as details of the cathedral that have been etched into the glass doors of the wardrobes and showers, conjure up a distinctive ambience. 


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