iLook_move from Keuco: beauty care routine in the right light


    Feeling beautiful means feeling good. It is no wonder that a cosmetic mirror is right at the top of the popularity scale of daily beauty care accessories – with both women and men. The cosmetic mirror iLook_move wants to make Keuco the health care and wellness routine even more attractive – be it at home or in a hotel. 

    As a practical utensil for your daily beauty routine, Keuco's cosmetic mirror iLook_move is about to impressive thanks to its innovative hinge and lighting technology. The mirror surface with a magnification factor of five and the slim, elegant design – either round or rectangular are among its strength. 


    Designed by Tesseraux+Partner, Potsdam, the mirror can be turned up or to the side and tilted for the ideal angle. Due to the flexibility of its adjustable arm, iLook_move can be ideally used either when standing or sitting. This and the strong wall bracket means it will be a true companion in the bathroom for many years to come. It also makes it perfect for frequent use of the mobile arm such as in hotel bathrooms. 


    But the iLook_move can do even more: The glare-free LED lighting technology comes in two versions: with one or two light colours. The light colour of both illuminated versions corresponds to the colour temperature of daylight, as also used in professional beauty salons. The optional second light colour in warm white provides flattering light – ideal, for example, for ensuring your evening make-up is just perfect. What is absolutely unique is that the two light colours are infinitely variable. iLook_move always puts the viewer in the right light, according to individual preferences. An elegant glass control panel with touch sensors completes the innovative iLook_move cosmetic mirror. 


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