A˘system addit by Alape – washplaces with its own signature


    Since the component system was introduced in 2005, Alape's guiding principle has been bathroom customisation and associated washplace personalisation. The new A˘system addit washstand furniture programme, developed together with Sieger Design, remains true to this development and tackles the changed housing and living situations of our time. 

    Thanks to its modular structure, the furniture programme provides a range of custom design options, and allows the washplace to reflect the human character. Irrespective of whether it is implemented in the smallest of bathrooms or a sprawling master bathroom – the add-on system combines a selection of washstands with floor-standing or wall-mounted furniture, not to mention mirrors, lights, tall cabinets and various accessories.  


    A˘system addit provides a range of 24 washstand options, manufactured from glazed steel. This material is characteristic for Alape, with its precision enabling the exactly shaped washstands to be coordinated with the furniture modules' modular dimension. The furniture modules are available in five heights (150, 300, 450, 600, 750 mm), four widths (450, 600, 800, 1000 mm) and two depths (375, 450 mm). In the heights 300, 600 and 750 mm, there are also floor-standing designs that can also be used to configure sideboards or bench seats.  

    Besides the modular variety of its combinatory, A˘system addit stands apart thanks to the puristic, reduced expression of form that is typical for Alape. For example, recessed drawers enhance the modern design. The high demands placed on functionality can be recognised in all details, such as the push-to-open mechanism that is independent of the centre of pressure for opening and closing the drawers. Moreover, there are integrated sockets and insertable trays. Materials and surfaces made from wood effect laminate, genuine wood veneer and glazed steel also underline the premium credentials of the product programme. 


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