Grohe opens two new showrooms
in Barcelona and London


In order to be on the pulse of the market, a customer-driven brand with a cosmopolitan outlook wants to be where the action is. A flagship presence in the world’s most frequented locations and face-to-face contact with consumers and market partners are indispensable elements of success in today’s competitive environment. This is why Grohe has added two new top locations in Barcelona and London to its international network. 

At the heart of metropolitan life in Europe

The new Grohe showroom is located at a prestigious business district of Barcelona near the popular L’Illa shopping centre. 

The manufacturer’s Spanish and British branches have both relocated to respective centres of activity. A prestigious business district of Barcelona near the popular L’Illa shopping centre has been chosen as the new location for the Spanish branch. Grohe shares the building with such renowned international companies as Ernst & Young and it is also next to the BASF company building. Decorated in neutral and natural colours, the offices on the eighth floor afford an impressive view of Barcelona’s skyline. The Grohe Live! Center on the ground floor will open its doors in spring of this year. This 500 square metre showroom will offer ample space for creatively designed booths to showcase the company’s bathroom and kitchen products and to demonstrate the full width of its product range. Professional support will be available for sanitary planners and architects as well as other business partners. 


The new London presence of Grohe sits right next to a genuine global hub, namely Heathrow airport. This location means that customers, architects and other business partners enjoy excellent access to all services and advice Grohe has to offer. Apart from the modern offices, a Grohe showroom will complete the new presence and provide the right backdrop for the company’s innovations and premium products. In addition, a fully equipped Grohe Pro Academy will offer installer training for professional fitters. 


Exposure to target audiences

“Aside from adding to our brand’s prestige, our presence in such high-profile locations in the world’s leading metropolitan centres ensures that our customers can reach us easily. This is the rationale driving our investment. At the same time, we benefit from keeping our finger on the pulse of the economy and from being involved in our customers’ daily lives. This way we can discover new and emerging trends and styles and witness progress in all areas of day-to-day life“, explains Michael Rauterkus, a member of the Grohe Management Board and Chief Sales Officer.