Dornbracht programme expansion: two new Water Units for individual expectations in the kitchen


With two new variations of its single basins, Dornbracht extends the range of the usages for the Water Units in the kitchen. They supplement the synchronised complete packages of Dornbracht sinks and fittings. For one of the single basins, a particularly flat drip-dry surface was developed, a surface that gently slopes towards the basin to make it easy for water to run off. This eliminates the need for a outlet on the drying surface itself. The surface is installed flush with the countertop, combining functionality with minimalist aesthetics. 

The programme expansion for the Water Units includes another single-basin variation that presents a tap hole bench in which fittings and accessories fit together to create a formal unit, even without a rosette. The extended, even surface in stainless steel creates a stylishly balanced look that integrates all of the elements of the individual series, blending them together to create a single, self-contained composition. 


All Water Units are hand-made, stainless-steel basins with a design specifically tailored to the demands of the kitchen. They are specially developed for the functions involved in different work areas; with their solid materiality and simple elegance, they cast a completely new light on the kitchen as a functional space.