New Muna shower tray series by Hoesch: luxurious style combined with robust stability


Ultra-flat, extremely sturdy and stylish: That’s what the manufacturer of bath products Hoesch calls its new Muna shower trays. The special characteristics of the new shower tray series are primarily a result of the robust material and the cleverly designed shape of the shower tray. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, they are suitable for barrier-free use in every bathroom. 

The shower tray can be supplied in SoliquePRO on request. SoliquePRO contains an additional anti-slip surface, which boasts slip resistance in accordance with slip resistance grade C, the highest grade for barefoot areas. 

Muna is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, for a small bathroom as well as for a lavish spa. Find the right shape according to your requirements – square or rectangular, a quarter circle or a semicircle. 


With a height of just 30 mm, the Muna shower tray is extremely flat. The tray can be installed barrier-free on the entrance side of the shower, without a ridge. A slight slope in the tray ensures that water drains efficiently. The straight lines combined with the pure white colour create a convincing modern aesthetic. The surface of the shower trays is smooth and shiny, meaning the trays can be easily combined with bathtubs or washbasins made from acrylic or ceramic. The modest, timeless design adapts to individual bathroom installations. 


The shower trays in the Muna series are made of Solique, a very tough and sturdy composite material. Thanks to the dolomite and resin components and the resilient gel coat surface, the trays are extremely hard-wearing and durable against abrasion or deterioration. The material rigidity is a particular advantage for large shower trays: they are extremely unlikely to distort because of a large tray area. Best of all, the shower tray material feels pleasantly warm on contact with the skin. 


The shower trays are very quick and easy to fit. Thanks to the design and because the material keeps its shape, the shower tray can be laid directly onto the pre-prepared, level surface (e.g. floor screed). Feet or frames are not necessary. The edges of the tray are made millimetre perfect, meaning the tray can be fitted quickly, accurately and with thin silicone seams. 


Solique products are easy to maintain with standard cleaners, even if there are stubborn stains. The smooth surface structure enables easy, convenient cleaning. Bacteria and fungi cannot penetrate the surface. If for any reason a scratch or minor damage should occur despite the strong, resilient material, it can be easily repaired with a polish and a repair kit. In this way, the high quality of the shower tray can be permanently retained. 


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