With its comfortable furnishings in the American East-Coast style, the “J” nevertheless communicates a holiday rather than a city atmosphere. Bright rooms with lots of wood and the adjacent harbour give the hotel its classical maritime. Warm red and rich blue dominate and highlight the comfortable cottage feel. 


Every detail of the 158 hotel rooms is characterised by a flair for materials. This is also true of the bathrooms. They feature the classic washbasins and toilets from Duravit’s 1930 Series. The bathroom range was inspired by a model that enjoyed great popularity in the thirties. The name of the series refers to the Bauhaus period. The affinity with mathematical and architectural elements is reflected in the octagonal forms of the sanitary series. 


The unusual name of the Hotel is also derived from this period. “J” is a sailing term and is a rating for large keel yachts. These sailing yachts were particularly used in regattas between 1930 and 1937 during the famous “America’s Cup”. The Hotel is a member of the “Design Hotels” group and boasts the “Nordic swan”, the official Nordic ecolabel.