KeraFresh: the new freshness system for toilet facilities from Keramag


Every restaurateur and facility operator knows the problem: especially in restaurants, sport and leisure facilities or large-scale event venues, toilets that have to deal with a high volume of traffic usually have an "indoor climate" that is anything but inviting. And the less-than-ideal deodoriser blocks in little plastic sieves that are placed in the urinals tend to come across as decidedly unaesthetic "foreign bodies", especially in sanitary facilities with an otherwise upmarket design.  

An innovative, new and vandal-proof solution, which Keramag has launched under the name "KeraFresh", now offers a viable alternative from a design perspective too. The patented freshness system is integrated into the cistern of the urinal and thus remains invisible from the outside. Every time the flush is activated, the hygiene sticks that are placed in the cistern release a little of their fragrant substance into the urinal, where it generates a cleansing foam.  


The system thus aims to contribute to a pleasant indoor climate, and the conventional deodoriser blocks are no longer required. When the sticks run out, they can be replaced in a clean and hygienic process that does not require any contact with the inner basin of the urinal. A stainless steel cover on the top of the cistern is simply opened with a special key. The new stick is placed in the dosing chamber and the lid locked again. This theft-proof technology also prevents unauthorised access.  


After several thousand flushes, the sticks can be replaced by the cleaning staff. No maintenance contract is necessary. This can result in considerably lower overheads for restaurant owners and sanitary facility operators.