A new dimension of showering pleasure: the Idealrain Cube


With its new Idealrain shower series, Ideal Standard is aiming to cater specifically to consumers’ individual needs and wants. According to an internal study, showering – like taking a bath – is very much an individual experience that everybody wants to enjoy in his own favourite way.  

With this in mind, the spray family is intended to permit a wide variety of combinations and features. The existing line with the characteristic round shower head is now being joined by Cube, which features a cubic design and gently rounded edges. The Cube hand sprays also offer three different spray patterns (rain, drenching rain and massage), allowing users to create their own individual wellness feeling. The modern, ultra flat design of the Cube sprays is available in various models and sizes.  


The collection was designed by the Artefakt team. The big hand sprays provide more space for additional nozzles and can thus generate a lavish rainshower spray. With a surface area of up to 300 x 300 mm, the big head spray creates a showering experience that Ideal Standard compares with a tropical rain forest effect.  



The unusually light hand spray with its gently rounded square shape is just 36 mm high and is thus, according to the manufacturer, one of the flattest models on the market. All the hand sprays in the collection are equipped with the Cool Body technology, which prevents the body of the spray from getting hot. On top of everything else, Ideal Standard promises reduced water consumption: the precise flow technology ensures optimal jet strength and the special flow restrictor, which is easy to fit and remove, reduces water consumption from 18.5 to just 8 litres per minute.