Allure F-digital by Grohe: the digital water experience


Illustration: Grohe 

With its digital products, Grohe is one of the pioneering forces in digital sanitaryware technology and has been continuously expanding this segment since Ondus was launched in 2008. As well as fittings for every kind of bathroom tap, the range also includes digital showers and kitchen fittings. Now Allure F-digital is set to become the new star of the technological bathroom. 

Photo: Grohe 

When it comes to the design, the company has opted for understated simplicity and a mixture of cuboid and cylindrical shapes. Grohe sees the square base plates of the circular controllers as their style-defining feature. Sized to complement the square base plates of the bent, u-shaped spouts, they are intended to emphasise the harmonious combination of round and angular forms – a characteristic feature of Allure’s design vocabulary.  


The focal point of the digital collection are the two control elements with their universally comprehensible pictograms. To start the water flowing, the user simply pushes the power button, tapping lightly on plus and minus to change the temperature. The illuminated LED ring provides visual feedback on the temperature setting. Turning the outer ring of the controller regulates the amount of water. Thanks to their textured surface, the controls are easy to operate even with wet and soapy hands.  


Photo: Grohe 

In addition to these basic functions, the controller also has a memory function: the stored settings for the flow rate and water temperature are directly retrievable the next time the bath or shower is used. The warm-up mode indicates when the desired showering temperature has been reached, thus saving the hassle of carefully testing it with the fingers. A second digital control element even allows the flow of water to be started from outside the shower.  


With the EcoJoy function, the digital controllers do their bit for the environment too: a pause function stops the flow of water while the user is washing his hair or soaping himself and restarts it with the previously selected settings when he pushes the button again. Thanks to a configurable safety shutoff, the period after which the fitting switches itself off automatically can be set individually – particularly practical when the bathtub is being filled unattended. 


Photo: Grohe 

Digital technology is also used to switch between the head, hand and side sprays, as well as the bath tap. The digital diverter is designed to match the digital controller and allows the various water outlets to be controlled either separately or simultaneously (up to three different outlets at a time). The illuminated ring indicates which taps and sprays are activated. Nor do the wireless controls leave anything to be desired when it comes to design freedom. Whether they’re used for the basin, bidet, tub or shower – the controller and diverter can be placed anywhere and on any surface, independently of the fitting itself.