Duravit Green: Sustainable product ideas for the bathroom


Because of its trapezoidal shape the bath tube Paiova needs just a low filling volume. 

In recent years, there has been a great change in the way in which people in industrial countries use water and energy. Duravit responds to this with innovative technology.  

Even the Duravit company history lays a focus on the responsible use of resources. This has become an essential part of every new development. It continues to give rise to new product ideas that are about to contribute to a responsible future. 


Innovative urinal technology

A hose diaphragm in the outlet is just open when urine flows through. 

After that it closes automatically, thus keeping off unpleasant odours. 

The intelligent, electronically controlled Architec and Utronic urinals with individual flushing and service programmes guarantee high hygiene and a controlled, low water consumption of just one litre per flush. 


The new Architec Dry urinal even operates without any water whatsoever. A hose diaphragm integrated into the outlet opens automatically when urine flows through and then closes again, effectively preventing any odours.  


The McDry urinal does not need any water either. A purely plant-based and thus biodegradable sealing liquid effectively prevents unpleasant odours. The siphon, like the urinal itself, is made from robust, durable sanitary ceramic. 


Taking a guilt-free bath or shower

The Starck bath tubs are available with the water saving measure 160 x 70mm. 

An oblong with rounded corners: D-Code shows an unobtrusive design. 

On average, taking a shower consumes less than one third of the water volume required to fill a bath. For this resource-saving pleasure, Duravit offers a comprehensive range of shower trays, including a shower that fits flush with the floor. However, Duravit also offers intelligent solutions for taking a guilt-free bath, for example, with a length of 160 cm, the bathtubs in the Starck and D-Code ranges have a comparatively low filling volume. And, thanks to its innovative, ergonomic and sophisticated trapezoidal shape, the Paiova bathtub offers maximum bathing comfort with minimum water consumption. 

Low energy consumption, innovative materials

Numerous product innovations from the company show that sustainability in the bathroom goes far beyond simply saving water. For years, wherever it makes ecological sense, Duravit has been using LED lighting that generates power savings of up to 80% compared with halogen lights. 


The whirl systems for whirltubs and pools now feature a new fan that generates power savings of up to 40%, at the same time as reducing the whirl volume by 9 dB, which corresponds to a noise reduction of almost 50%. 


Materials and surfaces with new, sustainable properties have been developed, for example, the WonderGliss ceramic coating that was developed on the basis of nanotechnology. Thanks to its easy-care properties, it greatly reduces the amount of water and cleaning agent used.