Comfortable and safe shower experience with Keuco


The trend in bathrooms is towards generously sized showers and with shower trays that are flush with the floor. Besides an enjoyable shower experience, comfort and safety are of prime importance. With the fittings and accessories of the Plan and Elegance series, Keuco offers functional and aesthetic solutions that should help to make the everyday shower a special moment of well-being. 

Seating in the shower offers an additional level of comfort, also enabling extra safety when showering, particularly with regard to an age-based and handicapped accessible disabled life. The Plan tip-up seat offers an elegant solution. The comfortable sitting experience and the high load carrying capacity make it a safe and attractive feature in the shower. The soft and slightly recessed foam seat and the strong wall bracket mean that users can sit in comfort and safety. 


Available in dark grey, light grey or white, the Plan tip-up seat integrates harmoniously into the bathroom or shower area. The wall bracket comes in either a chrome-plated or aluminium-finished version. Keuco offers two sizes, depending on your individual requirements or the amount of space available. With a load bearing capacity of 150kg, the Plan tip-up seat can be used both in private as well as public buildings. The large model also satisfies the DIN 18040-1 requirement for barrier-free construction in public buildings.  



The co-ordinating Plan fittings with railing system from Keuco combine functionality and aesthetics thanks to their diverse possibilities and sophisticated design. Overhead and hand showers can be individually combined and the railing system fits in with the shower environment. The shower rail also serves as a stable grab rail at the same time, reassuring users with a feeling of safety at all times.