The new Kaldewei system consisting of an enamelled shower floor panel and integrated wall outlet follows the trend towards a harmoniously designed, open bathroom architecture. With its latest design study, Kaldewei presents a shower floor panel in the usual variety of dimensions and in all popular sanitary colours along with the colours of the Coordinated Colours Collection to offer new approaches to bathroom design. With reduced stylistic features, the shower becomes more than a bathroom object – it is a design element. Playing to a clear, purist bathroom style, it satisfies the desire for a seamless shower unit without tile grout. 



Architecturally difficult floor-level shower solutions pose particular challenges to bathroom designers and fitters – nowhere more so than in renovations. Until recently, tiled shower areas were considered stylish and modern; after a short while, however, they often revealed the flip side of their initial neat look in the form of discoloration, hygiene deficiencies and leakage problems. For many years now, the design award-winning enamelled shower floor panels from Kaldewei have provided stylish and hygienic alternatives to tiled shower areas, which are not only in keeping with the latest architectural design trends, but also score with low overall panel thicknesses. Based on a matching foot frame, the new Kaldewei enamelled shower floor panel is as quick and easy to install as the planning is effortless and straightforward due not only to the fact that all dimensions have a standard low panel thickness, but also that the enamelled shower floor panel can be combined with all current front-wall installations available from various different manufacturers. Without predetermined specifications, professional designers can thus respond even more individually to customer requests while making the best possible use of the existing infrastructure. This is a significant factor not only in new buildings, but also for renovations and in flat construction. 


The complete system including enamelled shower floor panel, wall outlet and matching foot frame FR 5300 PLUS appeals with many advantages both for the end customer and the fitter. Along with easy planning and fitting, the new Kaldewei design study also makes for a convincing argument in terms of installation safety and discreet stylistic features. The wall outlet is concealed almost invisibly behind an inconspicuous cover, its bottom part matching the colour of the enamelled shower floor panel, while the top section can be designed individually in harmony with the wall. Always centred, the wall outlet of rectangular shower floor panels is positioned on the long side. Its high runoff rate ensures quick drainage of the shower area. 


The new Kaldewei design study 2012 provides dimensions up to XXL format and so, the right solution for customers favouring not only a clear, purist architecture, but also a spacious shower area. The seamless surface in steel enamel is easy to clean and hygienic. Furthermore Kaldewei gives a 30 years guarantee against damage from moisture penetration. On request, the new enamelled shower floor panel can also be provided with highly effective antislip enamelling, which complies with the frequently demanded quality classes B for wet-loaded barefoot areas (DIN 51097) and R 10 for antislip properties in work spaces and working areas with increased slip hazards (DIN 51130). 


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