Let’s play. We’re out to build  

virtual spaces for the bathroom of tomorrow. 

The modern bathroom is a multifunctional place where elemental needs meet the desire for a little beauty in life, the desire for a sense of security and luxury. High-tech mingles with primordial naturalness, daily routines blend with cleansing rituals. United by design, materials, architecture. 

Pop up my Bathroom gives visions a place to unfold. A team of creatives, experts and trend researchers explores the possibilities that modern bathroom design holds for the bathroom culture of an individualistic society. We gather information, discuss tendencies, allow ideas to take experimental shape. With a realistic background, but with no real barriers. 


Burgbad’s rc 40: Mirror cabinets in a new lighting dimension

The new innovative mirror cabinet range from Burgbad offers a concept for optimizing the room lighting in the bathroom. Different lighting moods can be pre-programmed. 

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Lighting solutions concealed in the walls

Simple lighting units smoothed flush into plasterboard as concealed lighting elements - with this idea Georg Bechter wants to bath the room in light. With Verve light and wall become one. 

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Villeroy & Boch: New light functions for mirrors and mirror cabinets

Light is indispensible to well-being. No wonder that lamps and lighting systems are becoming ever more sophisticated. The correct illumination is crucial not just at the workplace but also in the private sphere. This is particularly true in the bathroom, which is increasingly used not only as a functional room for personal body care but also as a place of relaxation and revitali-sation. 

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Light and health is the main theme at the Light + Building 2014

For many years light was simply reduced to its basic function: providing brightness to enable vision-related tasks to still be done even after dark. Now it has been recognised that light has a tremendous influence on people and their health. Light significantly determines our well-being, it controls our sleep / wake patterns and during the day it regulates the release of a wide range of hormones.  


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eLumino: illuminating textiles by Création Baumann

Création Baumann, the Swiss innovative textile specialist, artistically fuses refined weaves and light. This autumn the company is launching “eLumino”, an exclusive textile product with embroidered LED elements that shine, glow or shimmer depending upon the desired look and which can even be dimmed. 

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Optimal lighting in the bathroom

A trip to the bathroom is part of our everyday morning and evening rituals, for it is where we wash, shave, put on make-up and do our hair – all of which is designed to ensure we feel comfortable in our own skin. For this, aright lighting is an essential element. 

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