Interview with designer Gesa Hansen: “I’ve never got sick of trees being green."


Gesa Hansen and color, it just fits. In an interview with her, we talked about how colors in the bathroom look and what that means for bathroom planning.


Interview with designer Partick Frey: “I wanted to create a feeling of softness and warmth.”


In the interview Patrick Frey talks about the creation of the Villeroy & Boch Finion collection. 


"Shower toilets provide more independence for people with restricted mobility."


Kirsten Wienberg, head of Global Product Development & Design at Villeroy & Boch, explains in the interview everything you need to know about shower toilets.  


Interview: "True Classics have an impressively simple yet well-thought out Design."


In the interview the designers of Villeroy & Boch,Chris Hegeman and Johan de Groot, are talking about their own style, a formula for excellent and timeless design and where they get inspiration for new collections. 


Interview Christoph Behling: "The shower toilet is a sort of unfavoured child."


Since 2006 Christoph Behling has been designing bathroom products for the sanitary specialist, Geberit. In the interview, the London-based designer talks about sustainability, economic principles and the new shower toilet of Geberit. 


Interview: Functional aspects of the coloured design of the Hewi washbasin


In the interview, architect Dr. Birgit Dietz explains the background thoughts in the development of the age and dementia-sensitive washbasin, which she designed together with Hewi.  


In the bathroom with Philippe Starck: a hut on the beach


Precision and persistence when it comes to implementing details has certainly been a crucial factor for Philippe Starck’s success in the field of sanitaryware design. In this interview, the French designer talks about real needs, new materials, sustainability and his dream of a hut on the beach. 


Barrier-Free Building: “I think Planners and Architects need to change the Perspective.”


The topic of barrier-free accessibility is an integral part of the sanitary industry. Paralympics gold medallist Anna Schaffelhuber has been wheelchair-bound since birth. In the interview she will be talking about functionality and design, barrier-free accessibility in public areas and her collaboration with Villeroy & Boch. 


“No compromises”: Star designer Arik Levy talks about working with Kaldewei


Arik Levy is at home with a vast array of design segments and has also achieved global fame other fields. In this interview, the Tel Aviv born designer talks about the design idea for the ensemble, the cooperation with Kaldewei, and the challenge of lending a new shape to the material, steel enamel. 


Interview Paul Flowers: “The bathroom will become a place for health diagnostics.”


As Senior Vice President Design at Grohe AG, British designer Paul Flowers has been responsible for the brand’s creative strategic direction since 2005. More than anything else, he expects the progressive digitisation of the bathroom to lead to more individual comfort and convenience, but also to a stronger emotional bond – encouraged by snug design and more options in terms of equipment.  


Interview Konstantin Grcic: "The prospect of working with a new material, certainly gave the project an extra edge."


With SaphirKeramik from Laufen, a new material is being launched on the market. The hardness of this material permits shapes which were previously not possible. Together with Konstantin Grcic the Swiss-based company hat designed a series of new products with this ceramic. 


Interview with Kurt Merki Jr.: “Managing 'space' will become increasingly important in the future.”


With the Vero bathroom furniture collection for Duravit, Zurich-based designer Kurt Merki Jr. was breaking new ground. In the interview he talks among others about challenges and current developments in bathroom design. 


Bathroom trends in modern home worlds – an interview with designer Michael Lammel


Michael Lammel, managing director of the Aachen-based design company NOA, and his team have investigated the impact of global social trends on the layout of modern residential buildings. In the interview the designer talks about the results of his research. 


25hours Bikini Berlin opts for innovative bathroom solutions from Kaldewei


In early 2014 the 25hours Group gets in gear to open a new hotel in the historic building ensemble Bikini Berlin. Under the direction of noted architectural firm Aisslinger the modern hotel promises guests familiar design in every detail. The bathrooms of 22 suites will be styled with innovative product highlights supplied by Kaldewei. In a short interview Christoph Hoffmann, CEO/partner of the 25hours Hotel Company explains why. 


Dominik Tesseraux: “The product has to speak for itself …”


Designer Dominik Tesseraux on his design philosophy, the design process and the challenges presented by steel-enamel as a material  


Interview Marc Sadler: “This is only the first step"


Bathroom furniture specialist Burgbad is known for its broad spectrum of washstand solutions and mirror cabinets, for solitaire collections and the architectural furniture range rc40. The new system Cconceptwall is a modular programme that integrates a wide range of different functions. It is about to blur the boundaries between the washstand and furniture. This project is the result of burgbad's collaboration with one of the most renowned designers of Europe's creative scene: Marc Sadler. 


Interview Nexus Product Design: "With rc40, we're giving the wall an integrative function."


Ulli Finkeldey and Kai Uetrecht are Nexus Product Design and, together with bathroom furniture manufacturer Burgbad, responsible for the development of the bathroom furniture concept rc40. In time for this year's ISH, the innovative module system has been enhanced and extended by the addition of various new components. The collection gives architects and bathroom planners totally new possibilities for structuring the space commonly known as the "bathroom". In an interview, the two Bielefeld-based designers explain their ideas and visions of what living in this space can be like.  


Interview Annette Maria Sonntag: “There must be ways to make the bathroom individual and personal.”


With the Joyce collection Villeroy & Boch is presenting a concept that redefines individualisation in the bathroom and wants to give it a completely new, ground-breaking dimension. Joyce gives users diverse options to play with forms, colours and accessories and thus to shape the bathroom in line with their own individual ideas. In the interview, designer Annette Maria Sonntag talks about the development of Joyce. 


Interview Phoenix Design: “The bathroom is where you get ready for the day in the morning and wind down again in the evening.”


Designers are for ever asking themselves how the water comes out of the tap. Or why showering is so popular, how the experience could be enhanced even more and the shower made to use 10 litres instead of 12. Or why a bathroom fitting actually has to be made of cast brass. These and other questions, say Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr of Phoenix Design, have given the German sanitary industry a competition-promoting culture of innovation.