Interview with designer Gesa Hansen: “I’ve never got sick of trees being green."


Gesa Hansen and color, it just fits. In an interview with her, we talked about how colors in the bathroom look and what that means for bathroom planning.


Jean-Marie Massaud

Art Décoratif: Jean-Marie Massaud presents a new approach to bathroom design


Inspired by French tradition, star designer Jean-Marie Massaud challenges us to look beyond typical die-casting techniques and standard finishes for faucets.


Cecilie Manz designes new bathroom series Luv for Duravit


Nordic elegance combined with soft colors: these are the attributes to the new bathroom series Luv by Duravit, created by the Danish designer Cecilie Manz. 


Sonar: Patricia Urquiola designs the third generation of SaphirKeramik for Laufen


Sonar is the new new collection – including washstands and bathtubs – from Laufen in SaphirKeramik, designed by Particia Urquiola. 


Interview: "True Classics have an impressively simple yet well-thought out Design."


In the interview the designers of Villeroy & Boch,Chris Hegeman and Johan de Groot, are talking about their own style, a formula for excellent and timeless design and where they get inspiration for new collections. 


“No compromises”: Star designer Arik Levy talks about working with Kaldewei


Arik Levy is at home with a vast array of design segments and has also achieved global fame other fields. In this interview, the Tel Aviv born designer talks about the design idea for the ensemble, the cooperation with Kaldewei, and the challenge of lending a new shape to the material, steel enamel. 


Designer Portrait Oliver Conrad: The Multitalented All-Rounder


These are good times for a crossover player: born in New York in 1962, Oliver Conrad is a craftsman, architect, producer, entrepreneur and designer. After training as a carpenter, he graduated in architecture and subsequently focused on various architectural projects. Then, in 1990, the "Oliver Conrad Collection" was launched – a furniture line that has been selling successfully ever since.  


Designer Portrait Michael Schmidt: Bathrooms for Everyone


Michael Schmidt is a successful designer and networker. He enjoys bringing the right people together to get new projects off the ground. He lives in Stuttgart (Germany) and runs there a studio with the name code2design. 


Nexus Product Design: Making Space Physical


Ulli Finkeldey and Kai Uetrecht think in systems and believe in the big picture. Under the name Nexus Product Design they are active in many different fields. But in view of the wide variety products they have created for the sanitary sector, the duo can certainly be regarded as specialists for this segment.  


Designer Portrait EOOS: The Storymakers


EOOS is active in the fields of furniture, product and shop design. And even when Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl have very different characters, they have one thing in common: For the Viennese trio, design is a poetic discipline and a cultural service to society. 


Dominik Tesseraux: “The product has to speak for itself …”


Designer Dominik Tesseraux on his design philosophy, the design process and the challenges presented by steel-enamel as a material  


Interview Marc Sadler: “This is only the first step"


Bathroom furniture specialist Burgbad is known for its broad spectrum of washstand solutions and mirror cabinets, for solitaire collections and the architectural furniture range rc40. The new system Cconceptwall is a modular programme that integrates a wide range of different functions. It is about to blur the boundaries between the washstand and furniture. This project is the result of burgbad's collaboration with one of the most renowned designers of Europe's creative scene: Marc Sadler. 


Interview Nexus Product Design: "With rc40, we're giving the wall an integrative function."


Ulli Finkeldey and Kai Uetrecht are Nexus Product Design and, together with bathroom furniture manufacturer Burgbad, responsible for the development of the bathroom furniture concept rc40. In time for this year's ISH, the innovative module system has been enhanced and extended by the addition of various new components. The collection gives architects and bathroom planners totally new possibilities for structuring the space commonly known as the "bathroom". In an interview, the two Bielefeld-based designers explain their ideas and visions of what living in this space can be like.  


The Bisazza Foundation presents:
Arik Levy – “Experimental Growth”


After its debut in June, the Bisazza Foundation continues to showcase the leading players in design and contemporary architecture by presenting “Experimental Growth”, an exhibition project by Israeli designer Arik Levy. This exhibition comprises a structural modification to the architecture of the Foundation, a macro-installation called Rock Chamber and a video created especially for the event. 


Interview Phoenix Design: “The bathroom is where you get ready for the day in the morning and wind down again in the evening.”


Designers are for ever asking themselves how the water comes out of the tap. Or why showering is so popular, how the experience could be enhanced even more and the shower made to use 10 litres instead of 12. Or why a bathroom fitting actually has to be made of cast brass. These and other questions, say Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr of Phoenix Design, have given the German sanitary industry a competition-promoting culture of innovation.