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virtual spaces for the bathroom of tomorrow. 

The modern bathroom is a multifunctional place where elemental needs meet the desire for a little beauty in life, the desire for a sense of security and luxury. High-tech mingles with primordial naturalness, daily routines blend with cleansing rituals. United by design, materials, architecture. 

Pop up my Bathroom gives visions a place to unfold. A team of creatives, experts and trend researchers explores the possibilities that modern bathroom design holds for the bathroom culture of an individualistic society. We gather information, discuss tendencies, allow ideas to take experimental shape. With a realistic background, but with no real barriers. 


European-style comfort: first Kempinski hotel in Cuba

Luxury hotel Kempinski in Havana offers opulent hospitality with high-end bathroom solutions made by Kaldewei.

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Bathroom in a box – an Australian sanitary solution

With UB1, the Australian sanitary company Uniq Bathrooms presents an extremely compact sanitary solution: toilt, sink and shower in one.  

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Lecture at Pop up Atelier: Mathias Knigge about new bathrooms for the elderly

Mathias Knigge of grauwert, a consultancy for inclusive design, products and services, reports on the development of age-neutral solutions based on the Design for All concept. 

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New design options with ViPrint – Ceramic shower trays with modern tile designs

The new digital printing technology for ceramic shower trays from Villeroy & Boch, ViPrint, harmonises sanitary ceramics and tiles. 

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Bathrooms for young and old

Stylish furnishing trends have no place in the bathroom. Really? Are sanitary facilities still technology-driven and, given the effort required to install them, should they be functional and long-lasting? However, why there are more and more design proposals interpreting the bathroom as a trend-oriented space for living whilst also responding to societal trends, like health consciousness and demographic developments. 

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Unrestricted individuality: the barrier-free models of DuraStyle

Design for all! It is a claim that can be fulfilled with an architecture that adapts to changing needs and allows new possibilities. With its Vital products the Black Forrest based company Duravit wants to enable people with restricted mobility a nearly unrestricted individuality. 

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Lighting solutions concealed in the walls

Simple lighting units smoothed flush into plasterboard as concealed lighting elements - with this idea Georg Bechter wants to bath the room in light. With Verve light and wall become one. 

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Functionality in the most restricted spaces

Guest bathrooms have become an established part of modern life. Nearly half of all German households have such a bathroom, and they are seen as essential when planning new homes. Cubbyholes that used to house the vacuum cleaner, toilet paper and other odds and ends have been transformed into imaginatively individual oases of well-being. 

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Bette: solutions for a bespoke bathroom

For steel enamel specialists Bette, made-to-measure bathroom items are by no means unfamiliar territory. Nowadays, about half of all the tubs, shower trays and washbasins that leave the factory are individual, made-to-order solutions. For both the bathroom planner and the end customer, this opens up totally new perspectives for bathroom design: a customised bathtub or cut-off corners that allow enough space for the bathroom door to swing open are just as feasible as an upstand that makes a silicone seal along the edge of the tub superfluous. 

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Bathroom trends in modern home worlds – an interview with designer Michael Lammel

Michael Lammel, managing director of the Aachen-based design company NOA, and his team have investigated the impact of global social trends on the layout of modern residential buildings. In the interview the designer talks about the results of his research. 

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The wall unit that turns the bathroom into living space

Bathroom furniture specialist Burgbad has developed a new kind of bathroom furniture system in collaboration with designer Marc Sadler: Cconceptwall. Unlike conventional bathroom furniture collections, Cconceptwall is a modular “wall in front of the wall” system. The crucial product benefit Cconceptwall offers is however the, so the manufacturer says, almost infinite combinability of its elements. Similarly to a construction set, the washstands can be combined with deck-mounted or wall-mounted fittings, tall cabinets, mirrors and shelves in various sizes and top panels as required. 

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A˘system init by Alape: Washplaces as an Expression of Personality

People are unique - just like their values and principles which are mirrored in their various characters and lifestyles. The individual design of living spaces follows these styles and is an expression of the personality. It is therefore vital that the washplace, being an intimate central point of the daily cleaning rituals, should represent the lifestyle. With the new furniture system A˘system init, Alape is offering a wide selection of solutions for the design of washplaces that emphasise the specific character of their owner. Later this year, there will be a new online configurator available to aid the planning of the individual washplace.  

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High and quality: Luxury apartments in Warsaw feature Kaldewei baths and enamelled shower surfaces

With its 160 metres and 44 floors the Cosmopolitan Tower in Warsaw’s city centre is a building project best described in superlatives. When completed in early 2014 it will be the second highest residential building in Warsaw and the third highest in Poland. The bathrooms of the then offered 252 luxury apartments will be fitted by bath tubs and shower surfaces from Kaldewei. 

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Optimal lighting in the bathroom

A trip to the bathroom is part of our everyday morning and evening rituals, for it is where we wash, shave, put on make-up and do our hair – all of which is designed to ensure we feel comfortable in our own skin. For this, aright lighting is an essential element. 

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Flatile by AGROB BUCHTAL: 5mm thin tiles for low-dust and low-dirt renovation

At the tile thickness, a distinction has to be made between normal (8 to 11 mm), extra thick (12 mm and more for industrial and commercial areas) and thin tiles (8 mm and less). The latter has been a frequently discussed subject at special interest magazines and trade fairs again and again in the last years. 

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