Let’s play. We’re out to build  

virtual spaces for the bathroom of tomorrow. 

The modern bathroom is a multifunctional place where elemental needs meet the desire for a little beauty in life, the desire for a sense of security and luxury. High-tech mingles with primordial naturalness, daily routines blend with cleansing rituals. United by design, materials, architecture. 

Pop up my Bathroom gives visions a place to unfold. A team of creatives, experts and trend researchers explores the possibilities that modern bathroom design holds for the bathroom culture of an individualistic society. We gather information, discuss tendencies, allow ideas to take experimental shape. With a realistic background, but with no real barriers. 


Wallpapers for the home wellness oasis

If you’re looking to make a quick and straightforward change in your bathroom, it’s definitely worth considering wallpapers. With their modern patterns and unusual colour combinations, they provide a stylish alternative to bathroom tiles.

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The toilet roll holder as a sign of the times: will its future be electric?

Because of the shower toilet the toilet roll holder seems to be headed south. However, now it has a good chance of making a comeback as a convenient shelf for mobile phones. And equipped with "wireless charging" he could even become the media center in the bathroom. 

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Assist by Alape: stylish assistant for the bathroom

Alape's Assist line is a complementary shelf system for the A˘form basin and washstand range and the matching A˘system furniture systems. 

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String: a highly versatile shelf also for the bathroom

The Swedish manufacturer String Furniture presents with its String System a shelving solution that adapts easily to individual needs. Moreover, it shows that black is beautiful – even in the bathroom. 

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Sol from Team 7: A desk also for the bathroom

Sol by Team 7 is truly multi-talented. The desk with feminine character cuts not only a good figure in the home offices, but also in the bedroom, hall or bathroom. 

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Now! mag by Hülsta: One wall - many possibilities

The new magnetic board system now mag! by Hülsta makes interiors very flexible. Walls can be redesigned every day - without having to drill holes. 

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New elective services section in the Hemer lung clinic with products from Keuco

Last year the lung clinic in Hemer has been extended by one building. The new stations are fitted with products from Keuco. 

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Häfele turns bathroom furniture into entertainment centres

Nowadays many people like to listen easily and quick to their favourite music – also at home in their own four walls. Häfele’s sound products are quick and easy to fit and can be installed either visibly or invisibly in nearly all types of furniture. 

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Axor Universal Accessories: the Aesthetics of Order

With the Universal Accessories range, Axor is offering its first cross-collection system of complementary items. The range consists of various rails, shelf elements and holders that can either be used individually or as an integrated system for the bathroom and, in some cases, the kitchen. 

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eLumino: illuminating textiles by Création Baumann

Création Baumann, the Swiss innovative textile specialist, artistically fuses refined weaves and light. This autumn the company is launching “eLumino”, an exclusive textile product with embroidered LED elements that shine, glow or shimmer depending upon the desired look and which can even be dimmed. 

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iLook_move from Keuco: beauty care routine in the right light

Feeling beautiful means feeling good. It is no wonder that a cosmetic mirror is right at the top of the popularity scale of daily beauty care accessories – with both women and men. The cosmetic mirror iLook_move wants to make Keuco the health care and wellness routine even more attractive – be it at home or in a hotel. 

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