BetteArt: Freestanding, seamless and with a narrow rim


With BetteArt Bette wants to go a new way. The steel enamel specialist has developed the first freestanding bath that is not derived from an existing built-in version. Encouraged by the success of the Silhouette series, the manufacturer presents a new model of seamlessly manufactured monolithic steel 

enamel baths in a new design. Matching washbasins are also available. 


The design directive for the slender, narrow bath rim in which the exterior follows the interior (leaving only as much of a gap as is necessary for the technology) results in a bath design that is new in this material. BetteArt is made for modern times, although its restraint corresponds with many interior furnishing styles that, rather than being at the mercy of fleeting fashions, are oriented towards the aesthetics of timelessness. 


The steel enamel material is perfect for use in the bathroom – not least because it combines durability with sustainability. A high level of stability and reliability are combined here with a durable and hygienic surface. At the Bette factory in Delbrück in East Westphalia (Germany), state-of-the-art industrial production is combined with individual manufacturing methods. For instance, the freestanding steel enamel bath is constructed from two pieces in the sandwich method. A thin welded seam, created by skilled hands in the special workshop, invisibly joins the bath core to its skin. The model is then finished with the glass-like layer of enamel.  


A clearly defined, narrow bath rim and the lines of modern architecture are key features of this product family, the form of which was developed jointly by the Potsdam design studios of Tesseraux & Partner. “We challenged Bette with this design. With a freestanding bath with an interior form that corresponds with its exterior," designer Dominik Tesseraux explains. 


The result is an extremely narrow bath rim that makes the product look solid and compact but at the same time contains another challenging task. The company collaborated with Viega of Attendorn, specialists in plumbing and heating systems, on the design of the integrated pop-up waste, which was developed specifically for the BetteArt. The pop-up waste is concealed by a brass trim that is available in a choice of chrome or white. 


The bath is available in bright white measure 180 x 75 x 42 cm. The outlet, which is flush with the surface, is positioned in the middle of the bath. Bette offers three freestanding washbasins to match the bath – likewise in steel enamel, of course. They too celebrate the narrow rim and thin walls, and are available in widths of 80, 60 and 30 cm. The two large washbasins are 10 cm deep, and even the smaller one for the guest WC boasts an impressive 8 cm. All three are intended as seamless (and therefore easy to clean) counter top washbasins to stand on bases and bathroom furniture. As the result of paring the rim down to the essential, there is, of course, no tap ledge; the solutions are freestanding mixers with a high spout or a wall mixer.  


The ecological quality of the BetteArt range (and of all Bette’s other products) is confirmed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. This EPD complies with ISO 14025. 


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